Alternative Lending Startups in Singapore

There are 63 Alternative Lending startups in Singapore. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones

LogoFunding Societies

Funding Societies is an online P2B lending platform for SMEs. Enables SMEs to borrow loans from retail and institutional investors. Investors receive returns in the form of interest by providing financing to local SMEs. The minimum investment amount is SGD20. Investment period lies between 1-24 months.

Founded: 2015
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 33M
Investors: SoftBank Ventures Korea, Sequoia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures and 4 Other Investors

LogoCredit Culture

Credit Culture is developing an online personal loans platform. The platform auto-populates the required information for the loan application process through government sites like MyInfo. It utilizes its own credit-scoring engine for creditworthiness assessment. Offers loans from S$ 2,000 to S$ 50,000.

Founded: 2016
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 32M
Investors: RCE Capital

LogoValidus Capital

Validus Capital is an online business loans platform for SMEs to secure short term and medium term financing. It is a P2B lending marketplace for individuals and institutional lenders. The company provides funds to SMEs for purchase order financing, invoice financing and working capital.

Founded: 2015
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 19M
Investors: FMO, Openspace Ventures, Vertex Ventures and 3 Other Investors


MoneySmart is a personal finance portal helping consumers compare loans, insurance and credit cards. The platform aggregates and consolidates product information to a single platform for comparison that is personalized to the consumer profile. MoneySmart Blog provides readers with tips, reviews and commentary on financial products and investments.

Founded: 2009
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 12M
Investors:, Golden Gate Ventures, SPH Ventures and 3 Other Investors


Aspire offers term loans for SMEs. To apply for a term loan, SMEs have to connect their accounts and offer the required documentation. Aspire reviews the financial risk based on the data from the connected accounts. Offers working capital loans of up to $100,000.

Founded: 2018
Location: Singapore (Singapore), Jakarta (Indonesia)
Total Funding: USD 9M
Investors: Insignia Ventures Partners, Mark 2 Capital, Hummingbird Ventures and 4 Other Investors


ApexPeak is an invoice discounting firm providing capital to small and medium size enterprises. It offers two products: Invoice Pay and Purchase Pay. It provides Invoice Pay to customers who need immediate access to cash in lieu of accounts receivables. Apex Peak extends cash of up to 80% of the receivables' value and charges a fee of 3% of the credit line. It provides Purchase Pay to borrowers who want credit to pay for certain purchases and can payback over a time period of 3-4 months in addition to the fee for the credit.  It seeks to invest in trade receivables/payables with targeted annualised returns of 8-15% (net) across multiple trade finance platforms (including its own), geographies and credit risk bands. 100% of all receivables/payables purchased are insured. It raises credit line and investment from accredited investors for the investments. In July 2015 Apex Peak acquired ASYX, a Netherlands-based financial supply chain company. 

Founded: 2013
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 3M
Investors: 88mph


CredoLab provides credit assessment & decisioning solutions for banks, consumer finance companies, telecoms, insurers and retailers. Offers Credo App that collects a variety of metadata in conjunction with traditional methods to create a digital footprint. Utilizes its AI-based proprietary algorithm that analyzes over multiple data points from the smartphone device, converting the digital footprint of customers to predictive scorecards. It can be used as a standalone white label solution or integrated into the lender's mobile app. Also offers a credit scoring solution for businesses called CredoMeter.

Founded: 2015
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 2M
Investors: Walden International, Fintonia Group, Forum Capital Advisors


FundedHere is Singapore based crowdfunding platform that offers equity crowdfunding and venture debt for start-ups in the region from as low as S$5,000 (US$3,700). It is sponsored by serial entrepreneur Andy Lim who founded the Singapore based financial services group MoneyWorld in 1991 and the private equity firm Tembusu Partners in 2006. It charges a one-time success fee from the start-up for which funds or loans have been raised. In addition, FundedHere will also feature a panel of experienced mentors and lead investors who can invest in and nurture the start-ups. As of 24th August, 2015, this platform is subject to legal approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Founded: 2015
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 1M

LogoCapital Match

Capital Match provides short term financing to businesses. Products include invoice discounting and working capital loans. Offers loans for amounts between S$50,000 and S$200,000. The tenure of the loan varies between 3-12 months and the interest rate between 15-20% per annum. The platform charges a 20% commission on the interest payments from investors.

Founded: 2014
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 711K
Investors: B Capital Group, Dymon Asia Capital, CE-Tech Invest and 6 Other Investors


Crowdo is an online platform offering a full portfolio of crowdfunding solutions including equity crowdfunding, P2P lending, white label solution for crowdfunding. On its equity crowdfunding platform it allows investment up to RM50,000 in a 12-month period for retail investors and up to RM500,000 for angel investors in a 12-month period. It also helps businesses in building and managing a fully branded crowdsourcing platform. As of July 2015, its P2P lending platform is currently operating in an invite-only mode. Started in Singapore, the Company is now expanding to Indonesia and Malaysia. Crowdo is one of only 6 platforms receiving official approval to operate in Malaysia.  

Founded: 2012
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding: USD 500K
Investors: Kejora, Gobi Partners

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