Artificial Intelligence Startups in Paris

There are 208 Artificial Intelligence startups in Paris,France. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones


Dataiku develops end to end machine learning based data science platform for big data analysis. Its product Data Science Studio provides an environment to connect various big data sources, clean the data, process them with algorithms, use machine learning to build data models, gain insights and visualize them. It also has Data pipeline to automate the entire process. Depending on the dataset and the computation being applied Dataiku can compute the data in-memory, stream, database or hadoop. Its clients include KUKA, Paloalto, LOREAL, Unilever, etc.

Founded: 2012
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 147M
Investors: Iconiq Capital, Alven, Battery Ventures and 3 Other Investors

LogoShift Technology

Shift Technology uses data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance and e-commerce. The solution is integrated to Big data platform and is provided in a SaaS model.

Founded: 2013
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 100M
Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners and 3 Other Investors


Ogury is an AI-enabled mobile data management platform for the in-app and mobile web. Product offerings for advertisers include mobile ad targeting. For publishers, it offers qualifying users and app monetization and optimization services. Other offerings include 360 Mobile Analytics, to understand the complete mobile user journey of their prospects and provide insights. According to statistics provided it offers more than 400 million user profiles across 120 countries. The client list includes 2Kgames, Activision, Citroen, Chanel, Cisco, Lenovo, Hp among many. It raised $15 million in series B funding in 2016. It won the TheDrumMOMA awards 2017 for best mobile advertising strategy, The 2017 Devies award for app monetization among many others.

Founded: 2014
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 63M
Investors: Idinvest Partners, Ventech China and 1 Other Investors


Meero is an online marketplace for booking photographers that allows users to book-on-demand photographers. Provides photo editing tool for photographers to perform modification of the image related to real estate, fashion, food, and lifestyle through the machine learning algorithm on the platform and sell the same. Has won multiple awards including "Prix Houzz Best of Service 2016", "Prix Houzz Best of Photo 2016", "Prix Houzz Best of Service 2017", and "Prix Houzz Best of Photo 2017".

Founded: 2015
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 63M
Investors: Idinvest Partners, Alven, Global Founders Capital and 3 Other Investors


Vocalcom provides multi-channel cloud based contact center software solutions, customer experience management and mobile customer Engagement Apps, mobile devices for voice, text, social media, video and Web interactions with an all-in-one contact center software. Features include multi-channel routing, and a complete set of customer engagement applications. Also allows the management of video calls and Web surfers. Provides a predictive dialer algorithm to optimize outbound campaigns. Offers a speech recognition software that manages voice and chat dialogues with dynamic scripting. Used across a range of industries and has over 3500 customers in 47 countries. 65% of the stake is owned by Apax Partners. 

Founded: 1996
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 50M
Investors: Apax Partners, OSEO


Prophesee (fka. Chronocam) has developed a camera-based neuromorphic vision system for autonomous machines. Its vision system mimics the human eye & brain capturing hyper-fast scene dynamics (>10K fps) even in extreme lighting conditions (>120 dB dynamic range). The system finds applications in autonomous vehicles, robots, industrial automation, IoT systems, medical science, and others. The company has partnered with Renault Nissan, Thales, Intel, Bosch, Darpa, Huawei, and several others.

Founded: 2014
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 40M
Investors: 360 Capital Partners, Ibionext, Intel Capital and 5 Other Investors


Kayrros focuses on providing predictive analytics solutions to the energy sector especially the oil and gas industry. The company combines ma­chine learn­ing, math­e­mat­ics and quan­ti­ta­tive fi­nance with pe­tro­leum engineering to provide insights to the oil and gas industry. The company integrates unstructured data such as satellite imagery and social news with large scale financial and technical data.

Founded: 2016
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 37M
Investors: Cathay Innovation, Index Ventures, AtlasInvest and 2 Other Investors


Snips is a French company that provides embedded voice platform and interfaces for enabling OEMs and enterprises to add voice assistants to their connected solutions. Its chief components include Commands, Flow, and Satellite. Commands is a voice interface that allows recognizing a set of commands following a wake word and can be used for audio components and home theater systems. Flow is an embedded natural language voice recognition solution that runs on-device and can be customized for end users (such as address book, musical tastes, denominations of the rooms of the house, among others). Satellite can be installed on small devices powered by microcontrollers, are activated with a wake word and streams commands to any Flow-enabled device via a local network. In addition, it offers open source SDKs and related DIY kits to developers. The company claims the voice processing occurs offline and locally on the device thereby eliminating concerns about GDPR compliance or the data being shared in the cloud. As of March 2019, the solutions support multiple languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish. Partners include ANALOG DEVICES, NVIDIA, Rank Software, among others.

Founded: 2013
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 26M
Investors: Korelya Capital, MAIF Avenir, Belfort Protection Fire and 8 Other Investors


Tinyclues offers an AI-based marketing campaign optimisation solution. It runs first-party data (sourced from a client's own CRM and PoS systems) through its AI (that it calls Deep AI) to generate customer insights. These insights help predict the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns, and can help tailor push notifications, Facebook displays etc. Its B2C solutions are sold to enterprises and its client list includes Lacoste, Arcadia Group and Corsair International.

Founded: 2010
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 25M
Investors: EQT Ventures, Alven, Elaia and 1 Other Investors


Owkin develops a machine learning based model for healthcare, drug discovery and precision medicine which can interpret omics, visual data, biostatistics and patient profiles. Its projects include 1) PharmaAI: drug discovery platform, 2) Kompare: software for clinical treatment and population comparison 3) 100X100: it is a study to collect stories, environmental features and DNA of people with a unique phenotype. Company is providing its algorithms to several big pharma companies and cancer centers in Europe.

Founded: 2016
Location: Paris (France)
Total Funding: USD 20M
Investors: FPrime Capital Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, GV and 5 Other Investors

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