Blockchain Startups in France

There are 152 Blockchain startups in France. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones


Ledger brings bank-grade security to digital blockchain based identities such as Bitcoin private keys, through the development of smart card enabled hardware wallets. The Ledger Wallet will maintain a private Hierarchical Deterministic hierarchy, used for controlled private key transfers, enabling innovative use cases such as true decentralized tipping or payment optimizations. The hardware wallet is currently available for purchase on the website for 30 Euros. Plans to release an API to leverage the Ledger Wallet and facilitate third-party integration. Has offices in Paris and San Francisco.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Paris (France)
Total Funding : USD 75M
Investors   : Draper Esprit, Draper Associates, Draper Venture Network and 10 Other Investors


Centre provides USDClin, which is a smart-contract based stable coin. It is an ERC-20 token designed for payments, lending, investing, trading and trade finance. Claims that the stable coins are issued by regulated and licensed financial institutions that maintain reserves of the equivalent fiat currency. Issuers are required to regularly report USD reserve holdings, and the information is made available upon request. Users can tokenize dollars into USDC and redeem USDC into dollars through Circle and Coinbase.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Paris (France)
Total Funding : USD 20M
Investors   : Digital Finance Group, Pantera Capital


Stratumn provides application development platform for developers to build their apps for Blockchain. Their goal is to automate the auditing process, eliminate errors and fraud and enable smart workflows, processes that are cryptographically written, executed and verified. They also work in the digital asset ownership space leveraging the blockchain technology. Their platform enables the developer data and its history to be preserved using cryptographic proof backed by the Bitcoin network.

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Paris (France)
Total Funding : USD 10M
Investors   : CNP Assurances, Nasdaq, Digital Currency Group and 1 Other Investors


Utocat provides an application development platform and an asset management platform for banks and insurance companies. Offers Catalizr, that enables digital management of unlisted securities. The company offers an API named Blockchainiz, that can be used for building decentralized apps for automating processes, KYC procedures and for automatically executing contractual clauses.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Lille (France)
Total Funding : USD 2M
Investors   : Bpifrance, BNP Paribas, Leap Ventures


Woleet is a multi-usage platform leveraging blockchain technology for securing the ownership/authentication of 1) Intellectual Property 2) Documents 3) Certificates. They provide a Blockchain-as-as-Service platform to enable the secure authentication and maintenance of the aforementioned, their platform works with several public and private blockchains. They provide an API which is integratable with new or existing information systems. 

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Rennes (France)
Total Funding : USD 1M
Investors   : OneRagtime, 50 Partners, Bpifrance


Paymium is a European exchange for Bitcoins between users in Euros. It also provides merchant solutions for merchants to accept payment in Euros, using the Bitcoin transaction processing network. Each customer account is linked to a payment account held by a licensed Payment Institution partner. Additionally it also offers SaaS to develop Bitcoin exchange and their APIs to build apps based on their technology. It has partnered with Ingenico, a POS provider to offer an app to merchant to accept bitcoins as payments and convert them to euros instantly. 

Founded    : 2011
Location    : Paris (France)
Total Funding : USD 1M
Investors   : Galitt, Kima Ventures, Newfund


KeeeX offers a technology to instrument any file with identifiers allowing for documents to be indexed, chained, verified and accessible via standard apps. KeeeX embeds document security and management inside the documents itself, against the conventional practice of managing post creation. They enable business to replace monolithic data management infrastructures with a self organized, database free enterprise content management scheme. They also enable dematerialization, using a lightweight, certificate free, on the fly trust technology

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Marseille (France)
Total Funding : USD 112K


Lusis offers software solutions for the financial services industry. Offers software solutions to the retail payment industry for online transaction processing. Offers AI-based trading solutions and solutions for CFDs, options futures and equities trading. The company offers crypto trading platforms, blockchain-based traceability solutions and wallet integration services.

Founded    : 1999
Location    : Rougemont-le-chateau (France)
Investors   : Ardian

Air enables P2P commerce and essential services through a P2P messaging platform to manage email, chat, IoT and commerce in a single place, enabling users to exchange products and services directly among themselves without intermediaries or fees. Air is building a reputation protocol that aggregates social reputation (ratings, reviews, etc) with certifiable identification from banks, insurance companies & academic institutions, which is encrypted and stored on a public Blockchain layer instead of centralized servers such as Facebook or Google, effectively enabling users to self-regulate their data and safeguard privacy.

Founded    : 2016
Location    : Valbonne (France)
Investors   : FasterCapital


Prophet is a social attribute prediction platform based on public trust chain. Developers publish their forecasting projects on the platform. They can make predictions for a different type of forecasting events. Users vote to express their support for developers. They get the digital token incentive for the predicted event based on the vote share.

Founded    : 2018
Location    : (France)

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