Blockchain Startups in Netherlands

There are 135 Blockchain startups in Netherlands. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones


Singularity Net is developing a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for AI that allows the companies and developers to buy and sell AI products and services. Allows the developers to wrap their AI using the smart contract technology. The platform aims to develop an ecosystem in which different kinds of AIs can cooperate together and form an emergent meta-level intelligent system and provide cloud-based AI services to businesses.

Founded    : 2017
Location    : Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Total Funding : USD 2M
Investors   : Suicide Ventures


Attrace is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform. Every link is attached to a smart contract. Whenever a link is clicked, it is tracked and registered, whether it results in sales or not. The platform also tracks payments and sales. Payments on the platform are paid out in fiat currencies.

Founded    : 2017
Location    : Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Total Funding : USD 1M

LogoICasting is a blockchain-based casting platform for the entertainment industry. Clients can search, hire and work with actors, models, extra’s, singers and dancers. The talent matching process takes place based on physical appearance along with the diversity of personal skills and talents. Caters to TV production companies, media groups, brands, media agencies, and small business owners.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Zwolle (Netherlands)
Total Funding : USD 1M
Investors   : Bob Breeman, Erwin Arkema

LogoAnycoin Direct

Anycoin Direct is an online platform that allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using direct online payment methods. 

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Veghel (Netherlands)
Total Funding : USD 579K


Tradebits is a decentralized social trading platform. Users can ask for trading advice from other users on the platform. They can follow content producers and content producers are incentivized by a rewards coin. These rewards coin can be redeemed for XBITS tokens or incentives like reduced trading fees.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : The Hague (Netherlands)
Total Funding : USD 50K

LogoIBT Blockchain-as-a-Service solutions

IBT offers Blockchain as a Service software and hardware solutions based on blockchain technology. Major use-cases include online trust management, data privacy, multi signature escrow services (for trade finance), title ownership, insurance claims et al. They develop custom blockchain applications for banks, accountants, aviation & space industries, music industry, trusted third parties, notaries and payment processors. 

Founded    : 2014
Location    : S-hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
Investors   : Fusion, Fintech Fusion


Quantoz develops blockchain-based software tools and applications. Offerings include 1) Nexus, a multi-tenant SaaS cloud platform for decentralised digital currency exchange services to local label partners. 2) HappyCoins, a proprietary consumer label for instant buying and selling of digital currency, offering multiple online payment methods. 3) QuantozPool, a liquidity service for professional partners (such as payment service providers) who need functionality enabling instant buying and/or selling of digital currency at market price. The service is offered through functional and robust API integration.

Founded    : 2013
Location    : Utrecht (Netherlands)
Investors   : E.ON :agile, Techfounders


Storro provides a cloud-based data security solution which encrypts the files automatically and fragments them in small partitions in order to secure the data. The enterprise can control the data locations for the data and can create a P2P workspace. Part of Coblue, which was the winner of the EIT Digital Challenge in 2015 for launching the Storro, a safe alternative for cloud data security service.

Founded    : 2011
Location    : Hengelo (Netherlands)
Investors   : Oost NL

Grain is a smart contract infrastructure layer to automate various business activities. It allows multiple businesses to come to an agreement, and stores all the agreement details and payment information. It automatically transfers the payment amount once the work is done and both the parties sign off.

Founded    : 2017
Location    : Almere (Netherlands)


Nxt is a decentralized platform for application development. Allows users to create a decentralized asset exchange, marketplace, digital currency, and voting system. Offers Nxt token to facilitate in-platform transactions. Also offers Nxt Application Program Interface (API) to create blockchain-based applications.

Founded    : 2013
Location    : Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Investors   : Blockchain R&I

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