Sports Tech Startups in Singapore

There are 73 Sports Tech startups in Singapore. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones


Global Sports Commerce provides sports technology solutions for smart arena management. The company provides solutions for in-venue fan engagement, wireless in-arena internet connectivity, LED video screens, electronic scoreboards, scoring management software among others. Also provides social media monitoring, and brand exposure measurement solutions. Furthermore, it develops sports commerce online marketplace platform providing solutions for the sports stakeholder ecosystem (advertise, bid, negotiate, transact and activate). The company has partnered with clubs such as the English Premier League, Irish Rugby Football Union, New Zealand Cricket, Singapore GP, Common Wealth Games Delhi, etc. It has also partnered with sports companies such as IMG, Sports Revolution, etc.

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 80M
Investors   : Emerald Media


Ballr is an online platform for daily fantasy sports offering both fee-based and free fantasy sports games for cash prizes. Users have to draft their roster to play the game. They can play against their friends or other online community. Users get $100k salary money to buy the players having different salary caps. Users gets the fantasy spoints as their fantasy team member perform in real game. If users lose their first game and do not love the game, they refund all the money to the users. Ballr charges a 10% service fee on all contests played on their platform.

Founded    : 2016
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 4M
Investors   : Capital Union Investments Limited

LogoBaseline Ventures

Baseline Ventures is a Sports Marketing, Entertainment & Licensing Company which provides solutions to connect brands with their audience through various platforms of Sponsorships, Licensing, Media, Branded Real Estate & Concierge Services. The company provides planning and strategic consulting and helps its clients with media rights sales and distribution thus helping them to increase their revenues.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Mumbai (India), Delhi (India), Bangalore (India), Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 1M


Rovo is a Singapore-based app which provides users with a service to find tennis players with the desired skill set around their location. The app is available on IOS and Android app store. 

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 473K
Investors   : East Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures


TennisHub is an online platform to sell tennis related goods. They are selling tennis game  rackets, restringing services, balls, bags, grips and accessories etc.

Founded    : 2012
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 350K
Investors   : Betaspring, RevUp Capital

Logo9 Degrees Freedom

QLIPP, a flagship product of 9 Degrees Freedom, is a tennis performance smart sensor and accompanying mobile app (for iOS and Android) that delivers real-time stroke data and visual insights for players to improve their performance. 9 Degrees is a spinoff of A'STAR, a company that incubated under NTUitive. It provides measurement and video capture of a player’s strokes, spin, shot speed and sweet spot accuracy. Players can instantly view their data, save each session for future reference or compare their performance to others using QLIPP. In addition, the app has voice feedback for players to hear the app relay their stroke information while they are still on the court playing. They sells their product through their platform at $109.

Founded    : 2012
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Total Funding : USD 160K
Investors   : NTUitive, Wavemaker Partners


SeeHow is developing smart cricket ball and mobile app to help bowlers in coaching. Their intelligent cricket ball will help bowlers improve their game. Their ball contains a sensing system that detects information about the ball’s motion, spin on the ball, impact on the pitch, position of the seam and drift in the air. It also provide analytics of all the accumulated data on an accompanying mobile phone app. This allows bowlers to diagnose their performance and benchmark their stats.

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Investors   : Revvx


8packs is an Online Race Management Platform that provides solutions for organising Running, Cycling and Swimming Events. It felicitates online registration, Race Pack Collection, inventory management, race results and E-Certification. 8packs connects all the systems that any race event organiser needs in one place.

Founded    : 2014
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Investors   : National University of Singapore


Qlipp is a sensor that can be used by tennis enthusiasts to check their playing style. It is a small sensor that can be attached to the racket and consists of a accelerometer and a gyroscope. The company with the help of an algorithm that it has developed by measuring various kinds of tennis shots, lets the user know about the details about his/her style of play. The company with the help of Indiegogo has raised $40K via a crowdfunding event. 

Founded    : 2012
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Investors   : MDA Singapore


Spacebib is an online platform that lets users to discover, join and experience sporting events. It also allows the organizers of the event to list, promote and sell the passes for the events. their aim is to make sports participation more accessible to everyone. As of Jan 2016, they cover the sporting events from Singapore and Malaysia.

Founded    : 2015
Location    : Singapore (Singapore)
Investors   : Spaze Ventures

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