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There are 5,637 startups in Singapore. Here is a list of the 10 most exciting ones


Grab (Grab Taxi) is a technology company focused on providing on-demand transportation services in the South East Asian market. Uses cloud-based technology for automated location-based taxi booking and dispatch to connect passengers to drivers in real-time. Starting as a taxi booking services, now the company also offers motorbike taxis, carpooling, coach booking, shared transport, shared bicycles, intercity transport, local delivery, car rentals, and payment solutions, and other services. Apps are available for both Android & iOS devices.

Founded    : 2012
Total Funding : USD 6.70B
Investors   : CENTRAL Group, Tokyo Century, Yamaha and 37 Other Investors


Garena launched its first product, Garena+, an online gaming and social platform for people to meet, chat and play games with each other. Garena also has TalkTalk, real-time voice and video communication platform, BeeTalk, mobile social network in Southeast Asia. In 2014, it launched AirPay to provide financial services in emerging markets. Garena users can pay for online games, telephone bills, utilities, and e-commerce transactions on the AirPay network.

Founded    : 2009
Total Funding : USD 722M
Investors   : GDP Venture, Farallon Capital Management, Hillhouse Capital Group and 11 Other Investors


AirTrunk develops and operates hyper-scale data centers in the Asia-Pacific market. Built two data centers; one in Sydney with 70MW of IT load and another in Melbourne 50MW of IT load. Data centers are aimed at big cloud providers and wholesale buyers rather than colocation customers. Company came out of stealth mode in July 2016. Company is backed by Goldman Sachs and TPG Capital.

Founded    : 2014
Total Funding : USD 400M
Investors   : Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, TPG and 2 Other Investors


PropertyGuru is Singapore’s property portal where users can search for residential and commercial properties (including overseas) to buy or rent. The platform enables users to specify their requirement to obtain a list of relevant registered properties. One can avail additional information such as amenities offered, square meter area, price, and more. An online communication with the advertiser can be initiated via the platform. Some of its subsidiaries include RumahDijual, eProperty Track, Fullhouse Media, Allproperty Media, among others.

Founded    : 2006
Total Funding : USD 322M
Investors   : KKR, TPG, Square Peg Capital and 7 Other Investors


Bigo is a mobile messaging and calling app that allows users to makes free international and domestic calls through the app.Users can send messages to their friends and relatives. It allows users to make calls to landlines and cellphones in any country for free with 400-minute free phone charge gift, without any roaming charges. It also provides another app called Bigo Live where users can broadcast their content like videos, audio messages and photos.

Founded    : 2014
Total Funding : USD 272M
Investors   : YY

LogoPropertyGuru Group

PropertyGuru Group is an online platform to find real estate properties. The portal has listings from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, among other locations. It enables users to specify a location to find a list of relevant registered properties and avail information such as transaction details, neighborhood insights, market reports, and more. The platform provides information on various mortgage packages. Property developers and real estate agents can use the solution called eProperty Track to connect with each other, market their properties, manage sales, generate leads, connect with real estate agents locally/internationally, measure marketing ROI, etc. It also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android phones.

Founded    : 2007
Total Funding : USD 268M
Investors   : KKR, Square Peg Capital, Emtek and 2 Other Investors


Zalora is an online retailer of multi-category fashion products for both men and women. Its catalog includes apparel, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc. The company also sells curated beauty products.

Founded    : 2012
Total Funding : USD 238M
Investors   : Rocket Internet, Access Industries, Scopia Capital Management and 8 Other Investors

LogoMiclyn Express Offshore

MEO is a provider of support vessels and project transportation solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry. The company owns, charters, and markets offshore support vessels, crew/utility vessels, tugs, barges, and coastal survey vessels. Its Offshore Support Vessels segment provides transportation and various support services for the entire offshore oil and gas cycle. 

Founded    : 2005
Total Funding : USD 207M
Investors   : CHAMP Private Equity, Headlands Capital, AlpInvest Partners


Astroscale, is working on a proprietary satellite that can launch small satellites which grab debris and pull them into the atmosphere. The company is also working on tracking debris, using a combination of GPS, a star tracker, and an optical camera. They are also developing a unique and undisclosed method of gathering debris that they claim will be industry leading. Is taking on other projects to fund itself such as launching music albums and soda to the moon as a marketing stunt. It expects to demo it's product in 2017.

Founded    : 2013
Total Funding : USD 178M
Investors   : INCJ, SBI Mutual Fund, Mitsubishi Estate New York Inc and 13 Other Investors


Carousell is a consumer-to-consumer listing platform for multi-category pre-owned products. The company provides a platform for the users to upload a picture along with a brief description of the product to create a listing. Buyers can browse the listings based on the locations, price and other factors. Few of the products listed are clothes, gadgets, and fashion accessories.

Founded    : 2012
Total Funding : USD 172M
Investors   : EDBI, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures and 8 Other Investors

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